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OSB Boards

Our mills produce a range of oriented strand board (OSB) wood panels in 4 feet x 8 feet.

St-Georges-de-Champlain OSB mill products are certified by the TECO agency and meet the requirements of PS 2-10 standards for the U.S. market, and CSA 0325 for the Canadian market. In addition, we are accredited to European Standard EN 13986 by the HFB Engineering firm for our class OSB/3 panels.

Miramichi OSB products will have the same certification upon the re-start of the mill.
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Thicknesses available
  • 1/4" (6.3mm)
  • 3/8" (9.5mm) W24
  • 7/16" (11.1mm) 1R24/2F16
  • 15/32" (11.9mm) 2R32/2F16
  • 19/32" (15.1mm) 2R40/2F20
  • 23/32" (18.3mm) 2R48/1F24